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End of the Line for HTTP

The online world is becoming increasingly unfriendly for non-HTTPS websites, and today Nerds Hosting is announcing that as of July 9, 2018, our hosting services will no longer serve non-https content. What is HTTPS The ‘S’ in HTTPS stands for secure, and this indicates that your website is being served to your end-client via an […]

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Hosting Outage of January 11, 2018

On January 11, 2018, our shared hosting platform suffered an embarrassing outage, starting in the mid-afternoon, and lasting in to the early evening.  We apologize sincerely to our clients for this outage and the inconvenience it caused you.  Only web hosting was affected, email and DNS services were not affected in any way. The cause […]

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Hosting Server Reboots Tonight

Many of you have heard of the two major security flaws found in CPUs recently (https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/03/business/computer-flaws.html) and our hosting platform is just as affected as everything else out there.  To aid Amazon in applying some patches to help mitigate this issue, we must reboot all our hosting servers this evening.  This is hoped to take […]

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WordPress Removes “Contact Form DB” Plugin

WordPress.org (the official maintainer of WordPress and the main repository of WordPress plugins) has removed a plugin called “Contact Form DB” from their database. This has had the effect of automatically removing this plugin from all WordPress websites that used it. Now, this plugin being gone might not effect your website in any way, but […]

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Scheduled Maintenance on Mail Systems

Amazon Web Services has just informed us that they will be performing maintenance on the underlying system that our mail server runs on, thus interrupting all mail processes.  They have scheduled this maintenance for 6PM EST (Toronto/New York) on June 16, which is next week Friday. Our team regrets that we only received notice today […]

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Supported Versions of PHP

The Nerds Hosting team is constantly working to improve our services and security, and the world of technology continues to iterate on the versions of all the software that we employ to host websites.  PHP is the most popular programming language that websites on our servers utilize, and we keep a close eye on the […]

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Upcoming Web Hosting Maintenance on Good Friday

On the upcoming Good Friday long weekend, Nerds On Site will be taking down our web hosting systems to perform a large system upgrade. It is our expectation that this upgrade will give our hosting systems a much more flexible and robust platform for the future. Starting at 7PM Eastern Time on April 13, 2017, […]

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CloudFlare Bug Potentially Exposes Private Information

Nerds Hosting uses CloudFlare to power certain aspects of our hosting infrastructure, and thus we felt it important to share some thoughts on the CloudFlare bug that was exposed last week.  Unfortunately, the bug in question is very technical in nature and hard to explain clearly and concisely.  Since many clients may have read something […]

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Upcoming Server Maintenance Window

Due to some re-occuring performance issues detected on our hosting platform, our team has decided we must perform some critical maintenance as soon as possible.  Accordingly, we have scheduled a maintenance window of 2 hours for January 14 starting at 9PM EST (Toronto/New York).  Regular updates will be given via our Twitter account: @nerdshosting. We […]

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