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Why WordPress?

With thousands of clients around the world whose virtual existence we support and maintain, we sometimes get asked “Why WordPress?” when it comes to a Content Management System (CMS). In some people’s minds, it is still just software for blogging. Let me explain why it’s a feature-rich CMS that is usually the best choice for […]

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Shared Hosting Attacks

Since February 6, our shared hosting platform was under constant attack by malicious users intent on taking down our server. In the past two days, we suffered many hours of downtime as our team battled this issue. In the world of web development, two Content Management Systems (CMS) are very popular: WordPress and Joomla. Both […]

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Joomla HTML Coding Tip

For those of you new to Joomla, one issue you may encounter when trying to enter in pure HTML code in articles or Custom HTML Modules, is that < p > tags may cause issues, especially with script functions. To resolve this simply go into your Plugin Manager, then click on the (Editor – TinyMCE) […]

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Free Forum Component for Joomla

Have you ever searched Google for an answer to a question you didn’t know, or steps for something you couldn’t quite understand? More often then not you will find yourself in someone’s forum, where people post all forms of data. Some a little more helpful then others. The point being, Joomla has a free Forum […]

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Joomla Gives You the Control

Joomla is a content management system (CMS) that gives the user full control of updating and modifying the content of their website in a easy to use interface . Here are a few benefits to you: Easily Change The Look – there are thousands of templates to choose from, so if you feel like changing […]

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Hosting NerdCare Assurance: Proactive Maintenance

In our continuing series on Nerds On Site’s Hosting NerdCare Assurance, I would like to talk about our preventative maintenance provisions in our Silver NerdCare package. As a Pembrokeshire proverb says, “Eat an apple on going to bed, And you’ll keep the doctor from earning his bread.” CMS-based websites, such as Joomla, Drupal and WordPress […]

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