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How to use the Clean Up Wizard to Reduce your NerdsBackup storage

Your NerdsBackup cost is based on the average amount of data stored for the month.  The NerdsBackup Cleanup Wizard can be used to reduce your NerdsBackup storage. This article was submitted by Emmet, our NerdsBackup Support Team Leader. Data is never automatically removed from your NerdsBackup account.  The reason for this is because accidental deletion […]

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Determining How Much Storage Your Email Is Using

Starting on May 1, our legacy Basic hosting packages will see their mail storage space changed to 1GB per mailbox.  If you are currently using a Basic hosting package, it is important to determine how much mail storage space you are using in order to see if you will be affected by this change.  To […]

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How To Upgrade Your Hosting Package

If you are running one of our discontinued Basic hosting packages, you can easily upgrade to a Business hosting package, and take full advantage of the following features that are included in Business hosting: Unlimited Email Space Content Delivery Network Hack Detection Advanced Security Features 24×7 Support And much, much more…

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How To Get Help & Support For Your Business Hosting

All Business hosting packages come with 24×7 Help Desk support, and this video tutorial will show you how to log into your account and open a new support ticket.

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How to Update your NerdsBackup Credit Card (Video Tutorial)

One of the most frequently asked questions is regarding the updating of payment information for a NerdsBackup account.  While we have written instructions here, we’ve also prepared this video tutorial.

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Resetting your NerdsBackup Password

This article was contributed by David, a member of our NerdsBackup Support Team. In the event that you can’t remember your NerdsBackup password, there’s a procedure to restore it.  Please follow the next steps: In your browser go to https://mydata.nerdsbackup.com. Click on ‘Forgot your password?’ Type in the email you used to open your NerdsBackup […]

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How To Questions

How to update your NerdsBackup Billing Information

From time to time you may get a new credit card for various reasons (new expiry date, original card deactivated, new credit card provider, etc.).  Please make sure that you update your NerdsBackup billing information to ensure continued, uninterrupted service. This guest post was written by our NerdsBackup Support Team Lead, Emmet Loney. Firstly, let’s […]

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Framework Update

How to update your WordPress Theme and help make it Secure

Once a website has been developed, you have two options. You can maintain it yourself which requires weekly/monthly reviews to ensure all WordPress (CMS), Plug-ins, and Themes are up-to-date You can purchase our NerdCare, have our team monitor the site and give you the peace of mind that everything is up-to-date and secured. If not […]

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Automated Local and Off-Site Backup – Because You Have Better Things to Do!

If the idea of manually going through the files on your computer and deciding what needs to be backed up, and comparing it to what you found time to back up to an external hard drive 2 months ago doesn’t exactly sound appealing – you’re definitely not alone!

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