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How to Secure Your iPhone or Android Device

We often hear of the benefits of using smartphones, such as the apps, features, and capabilities that keep us connected, but we often encounter people who haven’t taken the proper steps to secure their smartphones. Here are some steps you can take to ensure your device isn’t tampered with.

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World Data Backup Day is March 31st! Will You Participate?

World Backup day is on March 31st – mere 2 days away! It is an annual global event reminding everyone to take some time to backup your data, and to verify existing backups are working.

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My Experience So Far Switching from the iPhone to Galaxy Note 2

I recently decided to switch from the iPhone 4 to the Galaxy Note 2. I don’t mean to make a big deal about this, but I do want to express why I switched. It’s not that I hate Apple, but rather I felt the Note 2 offers more features and value for a lesser cost.

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When a location is "starred" or saved on your desktop, it will show up like this on your iPhone

Google Maps is back on iPhone

There has been much fanfare from everywhere since just under 24 hours ago Google Maps app has been approved and made available in the AppStore. In less than 24 hours since hitting the AppStore, it has received more than 13,000 15,000 reviews, mostly positive. The following are improvements even over what Google Maps had when […]

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Many of Our Nerds Now Have Mobile Websites! Have You Checked Them Out?

Many of our Nerds around the world have had mobile websites created for themselves in recent weeks, making it easier than ever for our clients and people in our communities to quickly and easily get in touch with us and our worldwide team with a tap on their smartphone screens!

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Is Your Smartphone Backed up?

Is your Smartphone Backed up?

A few years ago, backing up a smartphone was simple. It was usually centered around three key areas of contacts, calendars and email. With many of our clients using BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) and ActiveSync as ways to keep contact/calendars/email in sync, there was no real need for backup. However, now smartphones have apps and […]

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MailTones – Email Keyword Push Notifications for your iPhone

Most of us receive a LOT of email, and it can be difficult to stay on top of it at times. Of course, some are more important than others, but it’s easy for it to get pushed down as the new stuff comes in, allowing them to be possibly forgotten. MailTones helps reduce the chances […]

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Save Business Card Data to Your Phone with CardMunch

By simply taking a photo of each business card, LinkedIn’s Cardmunch iOS app uses OCR (optical character recognition) and transcribes the data into an alphabetical list sorted by name on your iPhone, and to your LinkedIn account. So, if you ever need to reset your iPhone, you won’t lose all of that data.

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Top 5 iPhone 4/4S tips

Tap the title bar (and save tireless scrolling to the top). This works in many apps. Often you’re working or looking at something 5, 10, 20 pages down and you want to get to the top. Rather than swiping like crazy to get back to the top, simply tap the title bar and you’ll instantly […]

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