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Thinking of Switching to a Different IT Provider? We Can Help!

We all appreciate a good story, and we like to highlight stories that our Nerds have shared with us about their clients. We make a point to not mention names, as that’s not the point. We hope you will read these stories and relate to them, and hopefully consider Nerds On Site as your IT […]

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Tech Support Phone Scams Continue

Though we covered this in a blog post in May in much more detail, after seeing another report on TV of people falling victim, or very close to being one, of a telephone scam making the rounds, supposedly from Microsoft, it’s time to revisit this issue.

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What is the Biggest Risk That Businesses Face?

Businesses large and small have to manage risk. They invest in measures to prevent risk, including fire sprinklers, alarm systems, security cameras, employee training, and insurance. What is the single biggest risk businesses face? Fire – no. Break-ins, shoplifting, or other traditional crimes – no. Floods or other natural disasters – no. For the past […]

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Windows Keyboard Shortcuts to Help You Be More Productive

Many keyboard shortcuts come built into Windows. Some are gimicky, like the “Aero” view in Windows 7 that shows a real-time view of open programs and allows you to quickly flip between them (Alt+Tab). Other key combinations are more practical, allowing you to quickly “lock” your computer from unwanted access, or easily zoom in for […]

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NEW 24/7 Nerds On Site System Monitoring

Being proactive when it comes to your Technology and Information is becoming more and more important. Reactivity to system issues results in Downtime, Loss Money, Productivity, and not to mention Undue Stress and Anxiety.

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Nerds on Site Online Backup

Good News For Nerds Backup!

“I had a client call this morning. He had been working on a Word document on Friday evening and somehow managed to save a blank document over the original document of 135 pages. We were able to log into the Nerds Backup system and retrieve the most recent version from late Thursday night. This saved […]

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E-Mail Address Spoofing and What to do About It

Understandably, people are concerned and frustrated when they start receiving e-mail from people they know (or don’t know) asking why they are being sent junk mail. In some cases, the junk mail contains malicious attachments, or links to malicious websites that can contain viruses.

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Monitoring Our Client’s Computers and Other Network Devices is Vital!

[this post from Nerd Scott Ledyard] source: levelplatforms.com Last time I checked, when you are admitted into a hospital room, they don’t ask, “Do you want us to hook you up to monitoring or not?” If you’re their patient, you ARE on monitoring and they strap you in. We feel the same way. Monitoring of […]

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Corrupted QuickBooks file - a screen you never want to see

The Trouble with QuickBooks Backup

QuickBooks has an impressive market share with our customers – Small and Medium Enterprises – worldwide and within Nerds On Site we applaud their leadership in making the financial management part of a business understandable by us non-accountants. But, if you’ve used QuickBooks any length of time or support customers that do, you are afraid […]

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