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Increased WordPress Security for our Business Hosting Clients

Our team is constantly searching out new ways to help increase the security of our client’s websites on our Business hosting platform, and today we have rolled out a new security feature.  The majority of our clients host WordPress sites with us, and we also love WordPress sites!  However, it is very important to ensure […]

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WooThemes - Security Vulnerability

Two New Levels of Hack Protection

In a world increasingly moving to the ‘cloud’, more and more of our data is becoming vulnerable to hackers. In the past week, Facebook, Apple and two high-profile Twitter accounts have been hacked, just to name 4 instances. There is no such thing as a hack-proof web server, but our team is working hard to […]

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Cyber Criminals Making Millions from Computer Ransom Scams

Symantec released new research highlighting widespread “ransomware” scams in Europe, the U.S., and Canada. The research estimates cybercriminals are *extorting* millions each year from victims. The full research can be read here.

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Malware Demands Ransom for Access to Computers (video)

Have you seen malware on your computer? It’s not from the FBI, and there’s no guarantee paying the ransom will gain you access back to your computer, or disinfect it at all.

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Check if your Internet access will work on Monday

As in our interview this morning on AM1290 CJBK, listeners are interested in finding out if they have an infection of malware called DNSChanger. Click this link below if you are interested in the interview with Steve Garrison: DNS Changer – AM 1290 news interview with Steve in the Morning If you simply want to […]

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Beware of unexpected phone calls about your computer

Unexpected calls to homes from all over the world continue with callers’ statements like: “We are calling you from [XYZ] company and noticed that your computer is infected with a virus.” Unaware clients are then misled into giving remote access to home computer(s) to the caller, who proceeds to install what appears to be anti-virus […]

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Old School Malware Causing New Headaches

Think worms are the malware of yesteryear? Not so. A new worm has been spreading rapidly. This worm spreads via RDP (remote desktop connection). This worm does not seem to be exploiting any new vulnerabilities in the RDP protocol. Rather, it gets its foothold in the internal network through other means, such as Adobe flash […]

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Mobile Devices Are an Increasing Security Risk

[this post is from Nerd Dennis Houseknecht]   If it seems to you that malware is on the rise, you are quite correct. If you think that mobile devices are not a target, you are quite mistaken. Here are a few of articles highlighting the security threats of mobile devices: Fake AV for mobile platform […]

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Don’t Click On Free Spyware Scan Pop-Ups

A big trend in the virus and spyware industry in recent months has been seemingly trustworthy ads for free spyware and virus removal that is in fact malware itself. Trouble is, it looks legitimate to those that don’t know any better, and when the software is downloaded and installed, it ends up finding a lot […]

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