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19% of Internet Uses WordPress, Host Yours With Us!

It was just announced that 19% of websites are powered by WordPress, a pretty amazing statistic for the 10 year-old platform.  At Nerds Hosting, the majority of our clients use WordPress, and we are also big fans of the platform!  Nerds Hosting has a unique service for our WordPress clients, and we invite you to […]

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Increased WordPress Security for our Business Hosting Clients

Our team is constantly searching out new ways to help increase the security of our client’s websites on our Business hosting platform, and today we have rolled out a new security feature.  The majority of our clients host WordPress sites with us, and we also love WordPress sites!  However, it is very important to ensure […]

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Finding Java, Flash, and Adobe Updates Annoying? Here’s What You Can Do To Make Them More Managable.

We’ve all seen them – programs insisting we update them, or updating on their own without our approval. Here are a few settings you can change if you want to have more control over when programs or applications update.

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Managed Services Guy

Save Time and Money With Managed Services

If there is one thing most small businesses can agree on is that time equals money. Small business owners are in a position where they have to be a jack-of-all-trades, often spending most of their day wearing different hats. This is the nature of the small business and while expected is not always the best […]

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Acceptable Use Policies are Not Enough if They are Not Enforced

According to a survey conducted by 8e6 Technologies (www.8e6.com), employees are using company computers and resources to conduct non-work related activities. Some of these activities simply wasting time, but others are malicious, or threaten company security or data.

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“Putting Out Fires” vs Preventative Maintenance

Sometimes we start doing work for a business because they contact us looking to resolve issues that they are having. As we are performing the work, we notice other problems, and offer to resolve those as well. At which point we introduce our 3 N’s business model in hopes of proving pro-active support and preventative […]

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Anti-Virus: Free vs Paid – What’s Right For Your Business?

One of our Nerds noticed a conversation on Twitter the other day about a specific free anti-virus product in use at a small business. The Nerd felt inclined to mention that free isn’t always better. More accurately, depending on a business’s needs, a paid anti-virus designed for enterprises is actually a must! We felt inspired […]

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NEW 24/7 Nerds On Site System Monitoring

Being proactive when it comes to your Technology and Information is becoming more and more important. Reactivity to system issues results in Downtime, Loss Money, Productivity, and not to mention Undue Stress and Anxiety.

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Monitoring Our Client’s Computers and Other Network Devices is Vital!

[this post from Nerd Scott Ledyard] source: levelplatforms.com Last time I checked, when you are admitted into a hospital room, they don’t ask, “Do you want us to hook you up to monitoring or not?” If you’re their patient, you ARE on monitoring and they strap you in. We feel the same way. Monitoring of […]

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