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New Benefits for Business Hosting Clients

At Nerds On Site, our Business Hosting clients have long enjoyed some significant benefits over all other hosting packages, including constant hack detection, nightly backups, unlimited disaster recovery and extensive support.  (View all the differences between our different packages at nerdsonline.com.) Our team is not sitting on these features, however, and instead is pushing forward […]

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Amazing Hosting for South Africa!

Did you know that a .co.za Business Hosting package from Nerds On Site starts at only R199/month?  This amazing price includes a ton of features, all backed by our world-wide team and our passionate local South African Nerds.  At 1/2 the price of other South African competitors, our package goes far beyond anything offered in South […]

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How to Add NerdCare Assurance to Your Website

Our NerdCare Assurance plans are very popular with our clients, and we’ve prepared this little video to show you how you can easily add NerdCare assurance to your website if you don’t already have it.

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Learn What ‘SpecialParent’ Thinks of our NerdCare

Jess is a Mom to two girls, including 3 year-old ‘Angel’, a very Special Kid. Jess writes a blog on the journey that they are taking through life with a Special Kid, and she depends on Nerds On Site and our NerdCare Assurance to take care of the technical details of her blog. She recently […]

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Your Website Needs an Oil Change Too!!

One of the most disheartening experiences for me is to listen to a client who has just found out their website is broken, and they don’t understand how or why that happened. All the client knows is that their website worked when it was built (usually years ago) but now some aspects of it just […]

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Priority Email for NerdCare Clients

Email is critical to our clients, and we’ve just added a fantastic new feature to our Hosting NerdCare Assurance that will really help our clients. All clients covered by Hosting NerdCare now have their email prioritized on our mail servers. This means that if an email is received for one of our NerdCare clients, our […]

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Websites Under Attack

Every day, criminals are attacking thousands of legitimate websites and injecting malware on them, with a new web page getting infected every 1.3 seconds. If your website is injected with malware your company will suffer significant losses of traffic, reputation and revenue. All of our hosting clients are protected by a daily defacement scan, and […]

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Learn What Ted Wernham Thinks Of Our Team

Entering his 37th year serving clients and offering solutions to money matters, especially about how to balance the need for income with the leisure of retirement, Ted Wernham (wernhamwealth.com) has been winning awards and recognition for outstanding client and community service. He has received special recognition as “Outstanding Young Londoner” and is an Honorary Citizen […]

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Is your website as secure as it could be?

The world of website security is a quickly changing, shifting environment. One moment your website may be as secure as you could make it, and the next moment a new vulnerability may be found in the site. The hundreds of thousands of clients world-wide using Content Management Systems (CMS) like Joomla, Drupal or WordPress are […]

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