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Cup of coffee

Are You Spending Less on Hosting than a Cup of Coffee?

Does your business buy new products and services based solely on the lowest price?  Think about your phone systems – do you trust your business’ phone system to that $1/month VOIP system that uses a USB adapter in your laptop?  Probably not.  Today, if you buy a name-brand cup of coffee, you are probably spending […]

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6 Common Computer Issues You May Not Be Aware That We Can Help With

Every day we encounter clients who are experiencing issues with their computers that they may not even be aware can be easily resolved, or aren’t aware are issues at all – which Nerds On Site can resolve on-site or remotely. Here are 12 of the most common computer issues.

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How The Onion’s Google Apps Was Hacked and How to Prevent it From Happening to You

A couple of weeks ago, a satirical online publication, The Onion, had their Google Apps and Twitter account hacked. They could have simply acknowledged the attack and insisted measures were being taken to prevent it from happening again, but they took the time to describe exactly HOW they were hacked and how others can prevent […]

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A QNAP NerdCare Leads to an Ecstatic Client!

Although we certainly sell computer and other components to our clients, ideally we encourage clients to have us support their equipment as well, rather than only being called when problems occur, or clients attempt to resolve things themselves and only call us when something frustrates them enough. One of the ways we support our clients […]

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Administrative Professional

Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

In honor of Administrative Professionals Day, we’d like to take a moment and send out a big THANK YOU to the administrative professionals out there who keep our businesses running smoothly

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Leduc Chamber Business Expo 2013

The Leduc Chamber is holding a Business Expo next week only Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Many businesses will have booths, which will make for an excellent networking opportunity, and many fun activities will be available for families to enjoy!

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David Everitt Talks About the Cloud and What it Can Do for Businesses! (video)

David Everitt recently made an appearance on EBW.TV in Port Huron, Michigan, to discuss The Cloud, and how businesses can use it to their benefit.

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Thinking of Switching to a Different IT Provider? We Can Help!

We all appreciate a good story, and we like to highlight stories that our Nerds have shared with us about their clients. We make a point to not mention names, as that’s not the point. We hope you will read these stories and relate to them, and hopefully consider Nerds On Site as your IT […]

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Etiquette You Need to Consider When Having Online Meetings

These days, we often attend online meetings, whether it be on Skype, Mumble, GoToMeeting, or otherwise. While we enjoy the convenience, we are painfully aware of certain online meeting etiquette that others don’t seem to be aware of, and it affects the quality of the meeting for everyone else.

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