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What’s Your Workspace and Desk Look Like?

Every modern home office and small business relies on technology, and thus a desk to put it on. Every office setup is unique, and personalized. Some are more messy or organized than others.

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How You Can Secure Your WiFi Network (WPS Fix)

As a follow-up to Kevin’s previous article on Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) Vulnerability, I wanted to quickly provide an update as to how you can protect yourself and, if you just want someone to take care of it for you, that’s what our business is all about, and we’re here for you, of course (you […]

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Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) Vulnerability and How to Protect Your Network

Most routers released in recent years are at risk, due to a vulnerability discovered in the WPS feature, which makes it easy for people to connect their computers to the router without having to get very technical about it, but – it turns out – security was sacrificed for simplicity, as an attacker can gain […]

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Synchronization Is Not Backup

Many people use a cloud synchronization service (like DropBox) to sync our files and data between computers. Some of us think that this also constitues a backup of our data, but that is not really correct. Data syncronization is not the same as backup, and SmallBizTechnology.com has 8 tips to help you see the difference […]

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“Putting Out Fires” vs Preventative Maintenance

Sometimes we start doing work for a business because they contact us looking to resolve issues that they are having. As we are performing the work, we notice other problems, and offer to resolve those as well. At which point we introduce our 3 N’s business model in hopes of proving pro-active support and preventative […]

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WE not ME discipline

Most of us have a couple of these (digits), and for many people their strongest digit of the five is their thumb. We’ve got studies that show that as strong as you thumb may be, your palm – your whole fist – is 40 times stronger than your strongest digit. 40 times stronger! So that’s […]

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40% of SMEs Don’t Backup?!

According to a recent Business Insider article, 40% of small and mid-sized businesses do not have a data backup strategy and solution in place. Business Insider did a survey of their readers, and found that 40% of them used a cloud-based backup service like NerdsBackup. 47% did backup to a local backup device, such as […]

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Quickbooks 2009 Support Ending January 31, 2012

Quickbooks 2009 support is ending on January 31, 2012. If you have this version of Quickbooks, this is an ideal time to upgrade to the latest version, or create a plan to upgrade.

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Exchange Server having SmartHost Problems?

Starting on Wednesday, a small number of clients reported that their client’s Exchange server started having problems SmartHosting through mail.nerdsisp.com. I want to send a BIG thank you to Tony Mili (POD Leader in Ottawa) for working with me remotely to find and solve this problem, the solution to which we can now offer to […]

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