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Cup of coffee

Are You Spending Less on Hosting than a Cup of Coffee?

Does your business buy new products and services based solely on the lowest price?  Think about your phone systems – do you trust your business’ phone system to that $1/month VOIP system that uses a USB adapter in your laptop?  Probably not.  Today, if you buy a name-brand cup of coffee, you are probably spending […]

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How To Upgrade Your Hosting Package

If you are running one of our discontinued Basic hosting packages, you can easily upgrade to a Business hosting package, and take full advantage of the following features that are included in Business hosting: Unlimited Email Space Content Delivery Network Hack Detection Advanced Security Features 24×7 Support And much, much more…

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Are You Using the Right Mail Platform?

There are many different mail platforms and services available to your business, and the differences may be confusing.  Nerds On Site can help your team find the right mail platform for your business, and we have three mail solutions that we offer our clients, though we can offer many more specialized solutions to clients that […]

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Email Archiving, Compliance and Retention with Webmail Systems

Like many email platforms, we offer a webmail interface to our clients for temporary access to their email while on the road.  We do not recommend that a client uses our webmail system as their primary email tool as it isn’t designed for long-term mail storage, nor is it as quick as a proper mail […]

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The Power of Our Team Results in A National Contract

Last month, one of the Nerds On Site founders, David Redekop, made a trip out to Lethbridge and during his trip, The Lethbridge Team got a call from a large Lethbridge-based company called Varsteel. David and the team noticed this as a big player went right away, and had a cup of coffee with them.

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Save Business Card Data to Your Phone with CardMunch

By simply taking a photo of each business card, LinkedIn’s Cardmunch iOS app uses OCR (optical character recognition) and transcribes the data into an alphabetical list sorted by name on your iPhone, and to your LinkedIn account. So, if you ever need to reset your iPhone, you won’t lose all of that data.

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Jeff Bezos’s Top 10 Leadership Lessons

Forbes magazine recently put together an article detailing Jeff Bezos’s (Amazon CEO) leadership lessons. Here are the first five. The rest can be found here.

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ABC News Takes a Look at the New Apple iPad

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’60 Minutes’ Profiles Stuxnet

“Stuxnet took the world by storm two years ago. The worm was different from previous viruses: it wasn’t designed to steal money, identities, or passwords. Instead, the malware targeted the controls at industrial facilities such as power plants, inspiring talk of a top secret, government-sponsored cyberwar.” -excerpt from CNET article

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