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Why Should Your Business Have a Needs Assessment Done?

For us Nerds, the reasons for a Needs Assessment seem almost self evident: the client is not entirely happy with their technology situation and is seeking guidance. I have a client who is contemplating merging part of their infrastructure with one or two other organizations. This client sees the value in doing a Needs Assessment […]

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Planning to Make Technology Changes This Fall? Nerds On Site Can Help!

As we come back from our vacations, or in some cases are nearing the home stretch of the busy season, it’s time to start planning those network upgrades and changes that have been talked about in meetings and in passing. Nerds On Site can help!

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Curiosity Rover Lands on Mars Using Extraordinary Technology and NASA Shares it Live Online

Last night (or early this morning, depending on where you live), NASA scientists and engineers successfully landed the Curiosity rover on Mars 350 million miles from Earth at a speed of 13,000 MPH, and landed it perfectly using a jet-fired hover crane, which lowered a nuclear-powered 1 ton robot onto the surface of Mars. NASA […]

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A Mobile Experience That Isn't Mobile - Frustration with Technology

Frustrations with Technology

It’s the year 2012, the last time I checked, and yet here are some of the top issues our first-time clients all over are still facing a regular basis: No shared calendars. Of course this one is only important if you have team members you work with. One member may be on their own desktop […]

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The Benefits of Networked Printers

If you operate or work at a small business, having the ability to print is vital. If your printer is simply hooked up directly to one of the computers, you may notice a bit of a delay in printing, or that you can’t print when that computer is turned off. Your computer is acting as […]

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Which Smartphone Apps Do You Recommend?

We’re putting together a list of Blackberry, Android, and iPhone apps that members of Nerds On Site use, which we will feature in future blog posts. Right now, though, we want to know what YOUR favorite apps are, and why you like them so much. We’ll make a random list out of the suggestions and […]

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Tech Support Phone Scams Continue

Though we covered this in a blog post in May in much more detail, after seeing another report on TV of people falling victim, or very close to being one, of a telephone scam making the rounds, supposedly from Microsoft, it’s time to revisit this issue.

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What is the Biggest Risk That Businesses Face?

Businesses large and small have to manage risk. They invest in measures to prevent risk, including fire sprinklers, alarm systems, security cameras, employee training, and insurance. What is the single biggest risk businesses face? Fire – no. Break-ins, shoplifting, or other traditional crimes – no. Floods or other natural disasters – no. For the past […]

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Windows Keyboard Shortcuts to Help You Be More Productive

Many keyboard shortcuts come built into Windows. Some are gimicky, like the “Aero” view in Windows 7 that shows a real-time view of open programs and allows you to quickly flip between them (Alt+Tab). Other key combinations are more practical, allowing you to quickly “lock” your computer from unwanted access, or easily zoom in for […]

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