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Backing Up Sage 50 with NerdsBackup

You cannot restore a Sage 50 (Simply Accounting) database from a restoration of the company file as not all of the needed data is present in that company file.  You can only restore the data from an actual backup created by the software.  The following procedure should be used for all database software with a […]

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Computer Problems

Computer Not Turning On After a Power Surge or Brownout? Try this!

From time to time I get calls stating that when someone tries to turn on their computer, the ‘green’ light comes on, they can hear the fan, but nothing happens. Here’s a possible solution before calling a Nerd.

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New Years Resolution

What Are Your Tech Resolutions for the New Year?

Mashable has a very interesting article suggesting some New Years’ resolutions regarding technology. It’s important to take a step back from our work and follow some of these steps for the sake of organization, if nothing else.

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Business Travel

11 Tips for Protecting Your Data When You Travel

Traveling is often a necessary part of being in business. ESET recently posted an article about the steps to take to protect your laptop and data when on the road. Here are their 11 tips. A couple more bonus tips can be found in the article.

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Top 5 iPhone 4/4S tips

Tap the title bar (and save tireless scrolling to the top). This works in many apps. Often you’re working or looking at something 5, 10, 20 pages down and you want to get to the top. Rather than swiping like crazy to get back to the top, simply tap the title bar and you’ll instantly […]

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Top 3 TechTips for the Holidays

I don’t know anyone who isn’t caught up in the holiday spirit by now. Getting together with family and exchanging gifts certainly is one of the highlights most of us enjoy. From our team at Nerds On Site, here are some techtips you may enjoy or find useful and add to your office or home […]

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Windows Live PHISHING attack

Windows LIVE email and password theft

In light of reduced SPAM as of late, I was somewhat surprised to see phishing and theft attempts as sophisticated as this come through to my inboxes today – at least one in each of my different email addresses, but all came from email accounts of friends on Facebook. I searched the major anti-virus and […]

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Why Your E-Mail May Be Experiencing Slowdowns and What to Do About It

November 8th was not a good day for our e-mail clients. On our Hosting Blog, We do our best to give a quick overview, what we are doing to resolve this problem, and what our clients can do to help.

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The Benefits of Networked Printers

If you operate or work at a small business, having the ability to print is vital. If your printer is simply hooked up directly to one of the computers, you may notice a bit of a delay in printing, or that you can’t print when that computer is turned off. Your computer is acting as […]

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