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Lethbridge WiFi Map

City of Lethbridge WiFi Network Continuing to Grow

Nerds On Site has worked with the City of Lethbridge for a couple of years now on planning and implementing a free, public WiFi network for shoppers, businesses and tourists in the downtown core of the city. In the past week, our team has worked with the City to install 3 new access points, further broadening the […]

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A view of Galt Gardens

Lethbridge Free WiFi Network Grows Again

The Downtown Lethbridge free WiFi network has grown again, with a new wireless access point added in the city centre’s Galt Gardens, but the Centennial water park.  City officials met with our team this morning and approved the expansion and our team has already completed the install!  In the pas month, hundreds of tourists, business […]

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Access Point

What Can WiFi Do for Your Municipality?

WiFi in a municipality opens the doors to many possibilities, especially if you wish to revitalize your downtown or a section of your city and make it more inviting to would-be visitors or residents.

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Business Travel

11 Tips for Protecting Your Data When You Travel

Traveling is often a necessary part of being in business. ESET recently posted an article about the steps to take to protect your laptop and data when on the road. Here are their 11 tips. A couple more bonus tips can be found in the article.

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Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) Vulnerability and How to Protect Your Network

Most routers released in recent years are at risk, due to a vulnerability discovered in the WPS feature, which makes it easy for people to connect their computers to the router without having to get very technical about it, but – it turns out – security was sacrificed for simplicity, as an attacker can gain […]

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Phone with key

Smartphone Tips for International Travel

An estimated 75% of Canadians live within 100 miles of the border to our friends to the south, United States of America. This is why we often travel there for various reasons from business ventures to vacations or shopping and dining. Our Australian and South African clients are also frequent international travellers.

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Nerds On Site and London LAWN Bring WiFi to Downtown London Ontario

We are thrilled to be working with the folks over at London LAWN to bring free WiFi to downtown London, Ontario. Local businesses are working together to make downtown London a WiFi enabled area, and here is an article from their perspective.

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NerdSpotting.com – Some of the Places Our Nerds and NerdMobiles Have Been Spotted!

This week, we launched NerdSpotting.com, which is a fun (and free!) iPhone app (direct link to App Store) that lets anyone instantly take a photo of a Nerd from Nerds On Site, of their NerdMobile, or both! It’s a cool way to show that we have Nerds helping business owners with their technology around the […]

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Traffic Graph of Saturated Outbound Bandwidth

Slow Internet at home or office after iOS5 upgrade

Thousands of people will be downloading iOS5 today and excitedly activating the iCloud features, especially the iCloud Backup feature, which everyone should enable! However, what many will experience is that their entire office or home Internet connection will slow to a crawl and that is very frustrating.

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